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Dr. Nazli Hardy

Founder of Woman Empowered! | Educator & Empowered Mindset Inspirer | Author | Advocate for the Empowerment of Women


Dr. Nazli Hardy holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, an MBA in Media Management, and an undergraduate degree in Engineering. She was born in Bangladesh, grew up in Zimbabwe, and learned some serious survival skills from New York City while pursuing her graduate degrees. She has been a faculty member at a regional university in Pennsylvania for over 20 years, teaching courses that include logic, network security, computational models, and programming. Throughout her career, she has been leading initiatives to empower and advocate for women and underrepresented groups in Science and Technology. She is the recipient of state and natioanal grants for Science & Technology.


Dr. Nazli Hardy is a speaker and author of books and articles on topics ranging from Personal & Professional Empowerment to Digital Privacy to College Success.

She lives in Pennsylvania, with her husband, Christopher Hardy, and their 2 children, Zuzu & Zaavi Hardy.

For further information, please see her LinkedIn profile or her other social media.

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Speaker & Workshop Topics

Empowered Mindset (Failure, Imposter Syndrome, Authenticating your Sense of Self)

How to Succeed in College

Empowering Women in Computing Fields

Lessons of Empowerment from 3 Continents

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