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Empowerment Modules & Books

The Personal & Career Empowerment Modules are simple, effective, transformative, research-backed, step-by-step, exercises that give you access to your own power as soon as you start using them. Each module contains:

  • At-a-Glance steps (roadmap)

  • Overview workbook

  • 4 simple but transformative exercises, guided & designed to produce quick & effective results. Exercises are supported by logic and backed by research

  • A checklist to ensure that you have reached the milestone of each exercise

  • Short empowering scripts - (print for your pocket)


The Empowered College Student Module contains resources on how to be successful in college.

The Women in Computing & Technology Module contains free resources on:

  • Advice for women/ girls interested in computer science and/ or technology

  • Introductory information on computer science and technology

  • Introductory information on Computational Thinking (Logic & Coding)

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