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Tapping Into Your Sense of Self

#RamadanKareem to my friends & colleagues all over the world. Whether or not you are observing #ramadan2021, I send you my best.

My mom, Dr. Shireen Akter, taught gave me an empowered perspective on Ramadan, during my teenage years: "Fasting is not about starving yourself. It's about starving your mind & life of useless things so that you can reflect on who you really are, and live a life worthy of that."

No doubt, I had internally rolled my teenage eyes at that time, but I have known exactly what she meant. Ramadan is for me a season of reflection, renewal, reset - and the practice of being able to tap into my "sense of self" serves me throughout the year.

You don't need to be observing Ramadan :-) to tap into your "sense of self" (your #authenticity). You can do so anytime by giving yourself some space - from the bombardment of external noise - so you can actually hear * yourself* and allow it to guide you.

If you are reading this - I hope you feel the #empowerment of connecting with your sense of self, my friend!

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