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Reflections of the the pandemic: the double-edged sword

~ by Nazli Hardy, founder of Woman Empowered, as published in Lancaster Newspapers.

The year 2020 gave us a collage of the vulnerability, the adaptability, the resilience and the interconnectedness of the human experience. It has been a year of deep, devastating loss of life that will last in the hearts of loved ones into 2021 and beyond.

I will personally remember 2020 as the year of the double-edged sword. Globally, an invisible organism treated the human race as the same, and it was only when we worked together in our sameness that we were able to fight back effectively. Personally, the sharp edge of disruption of 2020 allowed me to cut through the noise of daily life and gifted me uninterrupted days with my family. Professionally, the cutting edge of fury fueled me to redirect and create my own path. I used the sword of 2020 to clear my way into my personal empowerment. And that is what I hope for you all: Take the steep learning curve of 2020, and empower yourself to make 2021 the year you live into the life you were born for.

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