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Manic Monday to Fun Day

It is true that 80's music is the best - it gave us lyrics that touch us to the core! Okay, I jest about the lyrics, but at least "Manic Monday" is one that has occasionally run through our heads: "wish it were a Sunday, 'cause that's my fun day." Except that for some people, Sunday (evenings) is when the dread for the workweek starts to set in. Firstly, you are certainly not alone - there is whole genre of songs dedicated to the feeling. But most importantly, it's not "dread" - it's the call within you that says, "Hey girl, you can do better. There is more out there in this vast beautiful world for you. You can do better because you are better!"

The worst thing you can do is ignore this call - and remain in this cycle. The best thing you can do is be excited - because you are about to choose to get out of this hamster wheel. First thing you can and should do is assess what you truly bring to the professional table. Start today - right now - on this 'manic' #Monday. Make it your "fun day."

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