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Love the Game You are Playing: that's the WIN!

Having never played softball/ baseball, I laugh at myself for connecting empowerment with the sport - but the forces of the empowered mindset are present everywhere; in nature, the mundane, everyday experiences.

The other day, one of my kids was benched from hitting for the entire game. [the reason is a rota system - coach's prerogative - no complaints] I applauded my husband's post-game response: he took our kid out for a bite to eat, they had a great time, & returned home laughing.

But before his next game, I said to our kid: "Don't take anything personally. Just own your game!" Clearly, I said it more for myself & less for him, because Zaavi, as per usual, was polite to his coaches, had a great time playing the game, cheering on his team, & earning the 1st & 4th runs of the 6-5 winning game. I watched a respectful #teamplayer who loves the game he is playing.

So, in fact, my 10-year son gifted me with an empowering reminder: "don't take anything personally - just love the game you are playing, and that is the win!" Thanks for the reminder, kid! Keep loving the game you are playing!

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