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Fail Fast Fridays!

Our daughter's softball coach tells the girls to "fail fast!" I love it - it encourages the athletes to let go of whatever mistake they made and focus on the current play. What great training for an empowered mindset.

Inspired by coach Christina & her fierce team of athletes, I have established my very own "Fail Fast Friday" as a teaching tool for the Empowered Mindset! course. 5 simple steps to take stock of the week on a Friday, have some fun, and have a structured goal for the week ahead.

1. 2 things you learned this week from any "failures" or setbacks

2. 2 adjustments you will make for next weeks

3. 2 things you will do for yourself for fun this weekend (I can think of at least 5 :-) )

4. 2 steps you will take towards your goal for next week

5. 2 things you will do to relax next week (i.e. to inspire you)

If you are reading this, have a great weekend ahead, my friend!

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