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An Empowered AF Mindset
to Fuel Your Empowered Life

What is an
Empowered Mindset?

The Empowered Mindset is a renewable state of being that fuels an Empowered Life, because it enables you to:


  • be AUTHENTIC without needing or seeking external validation (from friends or foes) i.e. no APPROVAL required to be who you are!


  • START (right now) pursuing that goal of yours, by scheduling your SUCCESS while allowing for some detours!


  • remove yourself from conditions that deplete your energy, allowing you to reclaim your own ENERGY and live the life you want to live!


  • LEVERAGE what you know as the antidote to Imposter Syndrome.


  • recognize FAILURE as the customized catalyst for your success.


The Empowered Mindset Modules

The Empowered Mindset modules are standalone units. Each module is structured, research-backed, and with straightforward exercises that are designed to deliver results as soon as you start the exercises. Modules contain:

  • Module A+: a mindset reboot from questioning to empowered, a reconnection of all that you are from within, and a ready reminder that you don't need any external approval for all the beauty and power that exudes from you.

  • Module S: a solid and structured plan to start to successfully implement your inspired goal.

  • Module E: reclaim your energy to fuel your goal (and your empowered A-F life)

  • Module L: leverage everything to place regrets,  anxieties, and imposter syndrome where they belong - out of your way!

  • Module F: turn the fear of failure into that which propels your forward!

The Transformation Delivered

by the Exercises

in Each Module


Module A+: Module A+: The Personal Authority Module 

You have redefined and reauthenticated your "sense of self." You know how to live life on your own authority because you know your authentic voice. AND you will have the toolset to always (re)authenticate yourself without external validation or approval.

Module S: Module S: The Sucess Module

You are motivated and ready to accomplish your inspired goal. You have reframed your goal in a way that makes it attainable. You have started taking actionable steps toward your goal. You have structured your progress & success!

Module E: Module E: The Energy Module

You have identified your energy eaters, eliminated the appropriate ones, and replaced them with actions that refuel and empower you. AND You are redirecting your energy toward accomplishing your goals or simply living the life you want to live! You have the toolset to remain inspired and motivated, every day. 


Module L:  The Leverage Life Module

You are harnessing the power of the present, living in the moment, knowing that the quality of the present moment fuels the future AND you know how to place imposter syndrome or regrets where it belongs - out of your way!

Module F: The Fear of Failure Module

You recognize "failure" as a powerful & customized feedback mechanism. You will no longer take failure personally. You have proactive and effective measures to anticipate and deal with failures/ setbacks. You do not allow yourself to be derailed by failure.

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