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An Online Brand to 

Power Your Career

What is an
Online Personal Brand?

How does an Online Personal Brand Power a Career?

Your Empowered Online Personal Brand is Your Digital Representation that:

  • aligns with your career goal and promotes the incomparable value you bring to the professional table.

  • is the lens through which people will view your accomplishments and your potential

  • represents your value, promotes your experience with confidence, and paves the way for your career pivot

  • reflects your confidence in yourself

  • sets the stage for your professional value, before you even walk into the room

  • allows you to own & control your professional game (as you should)

  • continues to promote your value even when you are not in the room

Working from Home

Empowered Brand to
Power Your Career

The structured ABC branding modules are designed to power your career (including a mid-career pivot), but you want to be sure that they are right for you. 

The modules may be right for you if you are ambitious, driven, and ready to make a (mid) career move in a direction that fuels your inspiration, and embodies the value you bring to the table.

You know who you are, but what you need is:

  • to remind yourself of the invaluable experience you bring to the workspace.

  • to shed some limiting beliefs and unleash the mindset to propel you ahead.

  • align your career pivot with your inspiration and empowered "sense of self."

  • build a solid brand that leverages your experiences and establishes your value - with authority.

  • create a consistent and clear online brand presence that promotes your value and what you value.

If this is you, and if you are ready to own your story, own your message, and own the path of your own (mid) career trajectory, keep reading my friend!

The Transformation Delivered

by the Exercises

in Each Module


Module A: Assess Your Accomplishments with Authority

clear understanding of what a brand is (3 pillars) and how you will use and grow your brand to promote the value you bring to the professional table.

a clear & confident branding message & image that is aligned with your career pivot or career goal.

Module B: Build the Brand that Reflects Your Value & Confidence

an authentic, confident, & cohesive branding message & image that represents your value voice, with integrity.

a reusable and substantiated blueprint that you can be applied across social media to promote your value with confidence.

Module C:  Create Consistency Across Platforms to Power Your Career

a customized and empowered brand (that includes a logo and mini resume) that represents the value your experiences bring to the professional table (& can pave your way to your next career move).

a clear and consistent online presence that reflects your confidence - for everyone to see.

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