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Coaching: Empowered Brand for Career Pivot

Dr. Nazli Hardy, MBA, Ph.D.

The Empowered Coaching  Program to Build Your Empowered Brand
that Will Power your Career Pivot

For the Ambitious Woman, Who is Ready to Make a Career Pivot

The Empowered Brand coaching package with your Empowered A-F Coach will guide you through the 3 goal-focused strategies that will enable you to create an empowered personalized brand that will power your professional pivot.

The coaching package is designed to create your authentic and powerful & personalized brand that aligns with your career goal and promotes the incomparable value you bring to the professional table.

My friend, your empowered brand will represent your value before you walk into a room, promote your experience with confidence, and pave the way for your career pivot!


The Empowered Brand
Coaching Program

Confident Businesswoman

Before I Tell You All About The Empowered Coaching Package

Let's Talk About Who This Is Really For.

You are ambitious, hard-working - and entirely ready to make a (mid) career pivot in a direction that fuels your inspiration, and embodies the value you bring to the table.

You know who you are, but what you need is:

  • to remind yourself of the invaluable experience you bring to the workspace.

  • to shed some limiting beliefs and unleash the mindset to propel you ahead.

  • align your career pivot with your inspiration and empowered "sense of self."

  • build a solid brand that leverages your experiences and establishes your value - with authority.

  • create a consistent and clear online brand presence that promotes your value and what you value.

If this is you, and if you are ready to own your story, own your message, and own the path of your own mid-career trajectory, we may be a good fit, keep reading my friend!

Confident Businesswoman
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Are Any of the Following Holding You Back?...

  • don't really know what a "brand" is

  • don't know what "your" brand is

  • feel undervalued at your current job ... and need to remind yourself of your own powerful and incomparable value

  • have experience and a strong skillset but you are not sure how to promote yourself without coming off as a braggart

  • feel drained and unhappy in your current workspace, but need a clear and confident message to make a career move

  • are no longer inspired in your current job and want to make an inspired career pivot, but you need to establish yourself in the professional marketplace with confidence and clarity

  • are not confident that others see the value you bring to the professional table, but you know it's time to make a change

  • are confident of the value you bring to the professional table, but you need a brand to promote your expertise and experience

  • want to establish yourself as an expert in your field, but you don't know how to promote yourself without sounding like a braggart

  • want to walk into a job interview where the interviewers are already aware of your confidence and value (positive bias)

  • want a consistent, clear confident (brand) searchable message that expresses your value, and what you value but you don't know how to create this presence

  • are ready to start your own business and want to be in charge of your own branding message that is aligned with the voice and value of your business​

I hear you! If you can relate to any of the above, then I may be the right coach for you and my Empowered Brand Coaching may be the right program for you!

Let's find out by booking a free 15-minute, obligation-free consultation session.

By The End Of The Structured Empowered Brand

5-session Coaching Program with Me, You Will Have:

  • clear understanding about what a brand is and how you will use and grow your brand to promote the value you bring to the table.

  • a confident branding message & image that is aligned to your career pivot or career goal

  • an authentic branding message & image that represents your value voice, with integrity

  • a reusable blueprint that you can apply to any medium to promote your value with confidence

  • a customized and empowered brand that represents the value your experiences bring to the professional table and therefore paves your way to your next career move

  • a clear and consistent online presence that reflects your confidence - for everyone to see​


With the Empowered Brand program, you will have the most effective & powerful tools to create your goal-focused, customized, consistent authentic empowered brand - that will grow as you grow. 


The Empowered Brand program will give you the logic-based tools, research-backed actions, and empowered brand that will power your (mid)career pivot!

The Empowered Brand customized 5-session coaching package is structured with one-on-one sessions with me. I will guide you to creating your effective goal-focused, customized, consistent empowered brand to power your career pivot

Confident Businesswoman

If you are interested in the customized Empowered A-F Mindset Coaching Program, send me a message telling me about your goal and a bit about yourself.

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