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Empowered A-F Mindset for Empowered A-F Life
Empowered Brand for Career Pivot

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What is the Empowered A-F Mindset?  & Why is it Powerful?

The empowered A-F mindset is a renewable state of being that enables you to define your space, and live inspired the life that belongs to you.

The empowered AF mindset is powerful because it is your superpower and it already exists!

Empower Your Mind, Empower Your Life

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Empowered A-F Mindset

If you are ambitious and ready to win the world, it's time to get you an empowered A-F mindset! What do you say?


Reboot your empowered mindset ... from the position of power. Reauthenticate yourself, regain your time, remain inspired, place imposter syndrome and fear of failure where they belong AND start pursuing & achieving your inspired goal!


It does not take years or months to reboot your empowered mindset. It takes some straightforward steps you can take right now - let's do this, already!

Empowered A-F Mindset Modules

The empowered A-F mindset is a renewable state of being that enables you to:


  • re-AUTHENTIC yourself on-demand because you are free from needing/seeking external validation (from friends or foes) i.e. no external APPROVAL required. [Module A+]


  • structures your inspired goal as one that is attainable and inspires you to take effective & focused action to get STARTED! [Module S]


  • remove yourself from conditions that deplete your energy. You are ENERGIZED because you are doing what fuels you. [Module E]


  • LEVERAGE yourself to place Imposter Syndrome where it belongs - out of your way! [Module L]


  • recognize FAILURE as the catalyst for progress & success! i.e. empowers you to make use of failure while placing the fear where it belongs - out of your way. [Module F]


  • Bonus modules

    • 5 empowered script booklets

    • weekly calendars

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See Course Curriculum & Free Preview

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What is an Empowered Brand & Why is it Powerful for a Career Pivot?

An empowered brand is:


  • your winning calling card - available & at your service


  • the lens through which people will view your accomplishments, your potential, and what you are bringing to the table


  • a reflection of your value and what you value.

Your empowered brand will power your career pivot because it:


  • will create an authentic & cohesive perspective of who you are


  • is a reflection of your confidence in yourself


  • sets the stage for a positive meeting (positive bias?)


  • will allow you to own & control your professional game - as you should

  • is customized - so it grows with you

Empower Your Brand, Empower Your Mid-Career Pivot & Business

Image by Jonathan Roger

Power Your Mid-Career Pivot

Build your empowered brand ... If you are an ambitious woman ready for a career pivot, or a small business that wants to strengthen your brand space -  then it is time to define, create, & amplify your online professional brand - from the position of authority.


It does not take years or months to power your career pivot with a personal brand. It takes a clear and structured strategy - go for it, already!

Empowered Brand Program Modules

  • Module A: Align

  • Module B: Build

  • Module C: Create & Customize


  • Bonus module

    • empowered script booklets

    • weekly calendars

    • template for mini-resumes

    • banners

Image by Mia Baker

See Course Curriculum and Free Preview


Hope you find these starter kits empowering and useful.



On the Computer
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Your Coach for Personal & Professional Ambitions

Hi there, friend: a little about me.

When I was 21, I found myself in New York City, with less than $400 in my pocket, no address, no job, alone and unprepared for a city that shows little mercy. 8 years later, I had earned an MBA, and a PhD., and some tough but character-building life lessons that lead to my own empowering journey. One of the hardest lessons I earned was to never measure my worth by the approval or validation of others. Once I understood that I could not be empowered while also needing the approval of others (people I love, or people I do not like), it set me straight on my road to personal empowerment.  Over the next few years, I also gained the empowerment to achieve my inspired goals - while placing imposter syndrome and fear of failure where they belong. I share some of these stories in my courses/ coaching to showcase the tenets of A+SELF empowerment - and to cheer you on your journey to your empowerment. 

I was born in Bangladesh, raised in Zimbabwe, and I live in the US with my husband, Chris Hardy, & our 2 kids. I have been an educator at the college level and a mentor to women - for well over 15 years - and I am passionate about the empowerment of women (& kids)

I hope you find my free downloads helpful and empowering. For those of you who wish to take my online courses, I invite you to explore the online course offerings I have designed with the empowerment of women in mind.

If you are looking for a customized coaching package (Empowered A-F Life or Empowered Brand for Career Pivot), book a free consultation call. I look forward to working with you if there is a mutual good fit and time availability.

Let's connect on Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Facebook.

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