The Woman Empowered is the woman who owns the life that belongs to her!

You have this lifetime to create the life you want to live.

I can teach you how: it does not take years, months, or endless weeks. It starts with a hunger to live life on your own terms AND a commitment to take some simple but effective actionable steps - right now! 



If you are looking for straightforward, unapologetic, action-driven, transformative strategies to own the life you deserve; I am your girl and my empowerment programs are designed for you! My "Woman Empowered" formula is logic-based, research-backed, result-driven, and designed for the woman who is ready to take on the world and win it! The best part: it does not take months or years for these strategies to work; they start working as soon as you start using them.


Answer this for yourself today - right now: 

What will You do? Who will You be? When You know You will succeed.

And then let's focus on your inspired goal.

What is it that calls to you? Do you want to:

  • finally take that leap towards a new career/ business/ life?

  • leverage yourself as an expert in your field?

  • find the love you know you deserve/ build your dream relationship?

  • travel to new places?

  • commit to a fit body and healthy habits?

  • live life free and on your own terms – without needing or seeking external approval/ validation? …


Whatever your goal is, it is waiting for you  - and you are the only person who can reach it. It's on you to take the chance on yourself and make it happen - but I also got you, my friend! The "Woman Empowered!" programs (coaching and online courses) are result-driven, empowering, and transformative strategies to set you on your way. Take a look through the site to learn more about the available online courses, and coaching - and download some free empowering starter kits.


Empower Yourself With Tools to Kickstart your Empowered Mindset or Your Empowered Professional Brand!

Free Downloads to Kickstart Your Goal(s)

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Founder of Woman Empowered!

A little about me. I was born in Bangladesh to the 2-roomed, leaking-tin-roof home of my loving grandparents. Their unconditional love is the lens through which I view the world. Later, I was raised in Zimbabwe where I was introduced to the magnificence of nature and global perspective. After earning an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering, I spent 8 years scrapping my own way through 2 graduate degrees in NYC. The steepness of my learning curve matched the NYC skyline. I now live in the great state of Pennsylvania with my husband, Chris Hardy, & our 2 children.


My confidence is built on humbling battlefields, and my perspective is shaped by my global upbringing. The battles I have fought have sometimes brought me to my knees, but it is from that vantage point that I discovered my winning toolset: the empowered A-F mindset! 


When you know who you are - and you know where you want to go - the indomitable force of your nature shines your way forward. I would love to show you how to ignite the power of your own indomitable sense of self - and win it, my friend!

When I was 21, I found myself in New York City, with less than $400 in my pocket, no address, no job, alone and unprepared for a city that shows little mercy. 8 years later, I had earned an MBA, and a Ph.D. and survived some tough but character-building life lessons that led to my own empowering journey. (Yes, there were many days when lunch money was not an option. Yes, I looked in admiration at successful women and thought, "I wonder how they got there? Will I ever make it?" Yes, I broke down in tears of discouragement on many an evening - and I laugh-cried at myself for all the trouble I found myself in; like the day I broke one heel during a job interview, right after I almost got run over by a NYC yellow cab. But the empowerment of being able to withstand, to rise to the occasion, and to believe in myself after every fall, is what pushed me forward.)

Even after I had managed to stand on my own feet, one of the hardest things I did was stand up to people whose love and approval I had used as a measure of my worth. But once I understood that I could not be empowered while also needing the approval of others (people I love, or people I do not like), it set me straight on my road to personal empowerment. I share some of these stories in my courses/ coaching program to showcase the powerful and transformative tenets of the empowered mindset & empowered professional branding - and to cheer you on your own path to your empowerment.

I am an educator and mentor - with almost 20 years of experience teaching at the college level and in leading women in STEM initiatives. I am passionate about the empowerment of women (& kids). With my years of experience in the empowerment of women, I have created 2 signature empowerment programs with, structured, distilled, research-based, and transformative modules, designed to propel a woman to be "ready, set woman empowered!"

Help yourself to a free download that I have created: I hope you find them helpful and empowering.


Some of you may want to join me in my Woman Empowered! online courses; I invite you to explore the course curricula.

I also run 2 customized Woman Empowered! coaching programs; 1) Empowered A-F mindset for your empowered life and 2) Empowered personal brand to power your career pivot. These "customized coaching" programs are based on mutual fit and time availability. I look forward to hearing from you.

Here's to your empowerment! Let's connect on Instagram/ LinkedIn/ Facebook.



Interested in the structure of the program? Look through the course curriculum and some free previews.

As the name suggests, we are are not messing around :-).

You are ambitious and you want more out of life. You have a goal in mind, and you are ready to be empowered to take on the world & live the life you want to live! I hear you, my friend. I have been there and I have spent my career as an educator working with and supporting woman who are driven to own their lives. I have taught them to reboot their mindset and get started on implementing their goals. It doesn't take months or years: it takes you to get started right now.

Once you have an Empowered A-F Mindset you will have:

A: An Indomitable Authenticity that is unleashed by shifting limiting mindsets 

S: Structured you success

E: Energy to fuel your goal

L: Leverage (to take on the world)

F: Fail Fast-Forward as your new BFF (i.e. you will see failure as just what you needed to propel you forward)



Interested in the structure of the program?

Look through the course curriculum and some free previews.

Let's get to loving Sunday evenings! If it's time for a career change, then the world is just waiting for you to bring forth your experience, your professional integrity, with the value you bring to the table. You ready to showcase your value and power that mid-career pivot?

The Woman Empowered programs are all about owning your world, and that includes your brand! Your online brand promotes your value, without you having to say a word, it sets the stage for a positive meeting before you walk into the room, it tells the world who you thing you. And yes, you all all that! The Woman Empowered programs are designed for the ambitious woman who doesn't have time to skirt about how valuable she is; her value requires no validation. The programs are structured, logic-based, and research-backed - distilled and ready for action.

Once you have an Empowered Brand for to Power Your Mid-Career Pivot, you will have:

A: reset your mindset, ready to project your value and ambitions,  aligned with your authentic "sense of self" 

B: built the core brand that boldly establishes your authority

C: created a clear and consistent online presence

The world belongs to you - claim it, power your mid-career pivot with the brand that represents the value you bring to the table!