What & How Are the Empowerment Courses Offered?

All courses are online, structured, research-based, AND self-paced.

  • Empowered A-F Mindset for Your Empowered A-F Life: 5 Modules + Bonuses

  • Empowered Personal Brand for Your Mid-Career Pivot: 3 Modules + Bonuses

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What Coaching Programs Do You Offer?

All coaching programs are structured, research-based, AND customized with your goal in mind.

  • Empowered A-F Mindset/ Life

    • Customized coaching (6 sessions)


  • Empowered Branding for Career Pivot

    • Customized branding (5 sessions)

    • (includes guidance with empowered mini-resume, professional/ social online presence, social media post templates, etc.)

What Kind of a Coach Are You?

I am an established educator and leader in the empowerment of women, and my coaching philosophy mirrors my teaching philosophy. 


Professional but warm

No-nonsense but warm

Confident but warm

Structured but warm

Result-Focused but warm

What is Your Coaching Philosophy?

An effective coach provides effective, clear, structured, and goal-focused guidance.

The successful client is clear on her expectations and desired outcome.

The coaching experience is effective and successful only if the client is open to being coached and having a growth mindset, and if the coach and client both follow the contract which outlines expectations and the goal.

The client keeps the session appointment, is "present," and works through the steps of moving towards the goal, by taking the specified actions.

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